Thursday, April 16, 2009

the lady in a green scarf. how about the lady in a green atoz? hehe.


I laughed, and teared up a bit..though the movie is some-what predictable it still had it's surprises. yep.

anyone can enjoy this movie~

ceh promote. aku maseh kerje di streamyx, bukan di gsc.

well memang mencari movie berunsur jenaka. terasa mahu gelak puas-puas dan menangis kegembiraan. wah! hehe..poyo.

mengulas mengenai shopaholic ni, well i am a shopaholic too. but some how i can control myself. how do i do it? just..take a few moment think bout my mum. and how shud i bring a brand new plastic bag into my house and i will try imgine like everyone's eye looking at me.


but then after watching this movie, a new way maybe...ask urself: do i need it? ; No.

and it works.

tak tipu, betul..
after like 3hours window shoping with her, end up buying nothing! haaa..
but it is some how depends on the shoping patner u have.

its hard to get ur soul-shopping-patner.

too choosy or too ..or maybe i can say over praise about something will cut down ur appetite on shopping. It will make us think she telling the truth? then, ok nevermind. till next time.

So, the moral of the story is.. please understand girl's need. ngahahahaa!!

kenapa bola bowling kat Mid skang sudah semakin berat?
i shud off my Hp maybe. My day was spoiled by a phone call from my Team Leader.
tak mahu. isk.isk.isk.


:: r a f i z i :: said...

hoho..pegi mid valley x ajak.hihi...apa lah TL kamu tu..nk kene rotan la dia.haha..

a.z.r.i.n.a said...

tuh ah... :(
spoil gile. tak kire..tak mahu gak..

Anonymous said...

betoi2 skang bola bowling maken berat..apesal tak.dulu kery senang je nk strike.skang tak mampu..berat sgt bola nk patah tangan.huu

n shopaholic is the best movieeeeeeeeeeee everrr!! mmg best giler.saket perot kot tgk...bace novel pun dh gelak golek2..tgk movie lg la.hahahaha

-kerry cute n comelest
((mls nk sign in))

a.z.r.i.n.a said...

tapi kerry
bab time kwn die kawin tu ku sebak ah tgk..
sedey kann.

ego dan misunderstanding mampu membunuh persahabatan.